Shadows in the Nentir Vale

Adventuring in the Nentir Vale
The Story So Far...

Ominous Signs

The Nentir Vale has had a long and turbulent history. The human empire of Nerath rose and fell, leaving several small frontier towns and villages to fend for themselves, like points of light in an ever growing darkness. There are unique individuals who are relied on in these turbulent times, those who are the only hope against the unrelenting tide of darkness.

Unique Individuals

Having heard growing rumours of trouble surrounding the village of Winterhaven, a small group of adventurers set out to see if their skills and abilities could be of use.

The group consisted of;

Sachiel; Tiefling Cleric (Patrick)

An eccentric and adventurous cleric of Avandra.

Saman; Half-Elf Barbarian (Daz)

A contemplative and resolute guardian of nature and the primal forces.

Sevethan; Tiefling Warlord (Mike)

A veteran of several battles, eager to lend his tactical expertise to those who need it.

Quelenna; Eladrin Ranger (Greg)

A secretive, quick-witted and agile bowmaster.

Sachiel heard rumours from several people around the town of Fallcrest that there had been sightings of Death Cultists within the past few months around the village of Winterhaven. Similar sightings were mentioned from around a year ago. Eager to travel once more, Sachiel gathered a group of adventurers together who shared in his interest in discovering exactly what was happening in Winterhaven.

Saman eagerly accepted Sachiel’s offer of travelling to Winterhaven, concerned about the activity and impact that Death Cultists would have on the primal forces of the world.

When approached, Quelenna accepted Sachiel’s request. Having fled her Eladrin kin, Quelenna is perhaps the most secretive of the group. Her past is unknown, but she is loyal to the group and eager to help dispatch of whatever may stand in the way.

Sevethan’s mentor had travelled to Winterhaven several months prior to look an interesting dig site that he’d heard of, but in the past few weeks his mentor had failed to send any correspondence. Concerned for his old mentor’s absence, Sevethan agreed to travel to Winterhaven with the rest of the group.

Setting Out

After a several uneventful days travel from Fallcrest to Winterhaven, the silence was suddenly broken by an ambush from a group of kobolds. The kobolds fought to the death. after the adrenaline rush of the battle wore down the group continued onto Winterhaven.

Arriving in the village, the group were directed by the guards to the local inn and the church of avandra. The group seperated to gather information. Saman managed to gather information from Wrafton’s inn reguarding the possible whereabouts of Douvan Staul (Sevethan’s mentor). It turned out that Douvan Staul had been staying at the inn, visiting an old dragon burial site, but he hadn’t returned for the past week.

Sachiel and Quelenna managed to discover that the kobolds had been an increasing problem recently, although no-one seemed to know anything about a death cult. They were advised to speak to the mayor of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig

Following the close defeat with the goblins, Sevethan decided that he should stay with the townsfolk and offer his aid, fearing to leave the town undefended incase of attack.

On their travels back to town the group stumbled upon Misha, a Dragonborn Ranger eager to test herself in combat. The group gladly took up the offer of an extra blade and welcomed her to their number.

Misha; Dragonborn Ranger (Mike)

Splug; Goblin Fighter (DM / Committee control)


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