Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale was a borderland for the human Empire of Nerath. Since the empire has fallen, many of the structures in the vale have fallen into ruin. Creatures lair and lurk amidst the moss-choked ruins, preying on the weak and isolated settlements.

Points of Interest


The largest town in the Nentir Vale, Fallcrest is but a shadow of the city it used to be. Suffering greatly from the fall of the empire, Fallcrest came under assault from a fierce and populous tribe of Orcs known as the Bloodspears. Fallcrest won the war, but suffered heavily.


Winterhaven lies at the western end of the Nentir Vale. It’s lands are fertile, and several farmsteads have appeared around the walled village.

Shadowfell Keep

This old keep was constructed to guard over a rift to the shadowfell, it fell into disrepair after the fall of the empire. Rumours abound of death cultists and vengeful spirits that stalk the halls.

Thunderspire Mountain

This mountain rises high from the centre of the Nentir Vale. It’s peak reaches into clouds that seem to be perpetually gloomy. It was once the seat of a mighty Minotaur empire that seemed to disappear about 300 years ago.

The Trade Road

This was a frequently travelled and patrolled route that joined the empire’s main towns and cities with those of it’s neighboring lands (Moonstair, Hammerfast, etc). In recent times caravans travel with hired guard and in greater numbers to try and deter bandits, monsters and other threats.

The Kings Road

This paved road joins with the trade road and used to run all the way to the capital of the empire. Signs of disrepair are evident as the road is cracked overgrown in many places. The road itself is not useable all the way to the abandoned capital, as several bridges have long since crumbled, leaving sheer drops into rushing river rapids in their stead.

Nentir Vale

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